APSAC Child Forensic Interview Clinics


2017 Forensic Interview Clinics (Seattle, WA and Norfolk, VA) 

      July 31-August 4, Seattle, WA - Register Today

      September 11-15, 2017 - Norfolk, VA - Register today


APSAC pioneered the Forensic Interview Training Clinic model to focus on the needs of professionals responsible for conducting forensic/investigative interviews with children in suspected abuse cases. Interviews with children have received intense scrutiny in recent years and increasingly require specialized training and expertise. This comprehensive Clinic offers a unique opportunity to participate in an intensive 40 hour training experience and have personal interaction with leading experts in the field of child forensic interviewing. Developed by top experts, APSAC’s curriculum teaches a structured narrative interview approach that emphasizes best practices based on research and is guided by best interests of the child. Attendees will receive a balanced review of several protocols and will develop their own customized narrative interview approach based on the principles taught during the Clinic and contained in the 2012 APSAC Practice Guidelines on Forensic Interviewing in Cases of Suspected Child Abuse.

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone whose job includes forensic interviewing of suspected victims of child maltreatment
  • Professionals from the fields of child protective services, law enforcement, social services, medicine, law, and mental healthTestimonials
  • Professionals who do not have extensive experience in forensic interviewing and who want to acquire or improve these skills

Participants Will

  • Learn state-of-the-art forensic interview theory, research, and techniques
  • Practice interviewing skills in a supportive environment and receive feedback from experienced and knowledgeable professionals
  • Be better prepared to explain and defend interview techniques in court
  • Receive the recently revised APSAC Practice Guidelines on Forensic Interviewing in Cases of Suspected Child Abuse, a Clinic notebook, a thumb drive that contains a number of helpful resources, and several excellent reference books that will enhance knowledge and abilities

Training Topics Include

  • Disclosure of child abuse and overview of various interview models
  • Interview structure, components and questioning techniques
  • Child development considerations and linguistic issues
  • Cultural considerations in interviewing
  • Techniques for interviewing adolescents, reluctant children, and children with disabilities
  • Being an effective witness

Activities Include

  • An interview practicum component providing an opportunity to conduct interviews where constructive feedback is utilized to build and improve professional skills, which includes trainee interviews recorded on CDs with actors utilizing real case role-plays
  • “Mock court” – where selected attendees testify and are examined by attorneys who specialize in child abuse cases
  • Didactic presentations and skill-based exercises led by nationally recognized experts

Sample Agenda

The five-day Clinic brings together a diverse group of participants with an expert interdisciplinary faculty to focus on the most current research-based forensic interviewing techniques. Please note that while all topics listed below will be covered throughout the week, the order is subject to change.

Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four
Day Five
  • Overview of Forensic Interview Issues & Models

  • Child Development Concepts and Linguistic Issues

  • Interviewing Ethnically and Culturally Diverse Children
  • Interviewing Teenagers
  • Mock Court
  • Disclosure of Child Abuse

  • Overcoming Reluctance
  • Use of Dolls and Drawings
  • Legal Considerations and Effective Testimony
  • Basic Interview Structure, Components, and Questioning Techniques

  • Law Enforcement Concerns
  • Interviewing Children with Disabilities
    Interviewing Practicum (Day Three and Four)  


Katie Toth Memorial Education Fund

Mary Katherine Toth Komie -- "Katie"

August 15, 1995 - April 21, 1997

 Katie Toth Memorial Education Fund Scholarship Application


The Katie Toth Memorial Education Fund was established in April, 1997, in memory of Mary Katherine Toth,   daughter of Patricia Toth, JD, one of APSAC's earliest Board members and   APSAC's fifth President. Mary Katherine died on April 21, 1997, at 20 months  of age. 

Patti Toth is one of the volunteers whose great generosity with her time, energy, and expertise has made APSAC so successful. Patti has devoted most of her effort on APSAC's  behalf to improving APSAC's professional education and training program. Patti served as chair of APSAC's First National Colloquium and has served as faculty for different Institutes and Colloquium seminars, and continues to serve on APSAC committees designing new professional education programs.

Given Patti's commitment to professional education, a fund that honors her daughter by contributing to new professional education activities at APSAC seems most fitting. The Katie Toth Memorial Education Fund will help ensure that Katie's memory not only endures, but has the beneficial ripple effect of helping more maltreated   children get better professional care.  

Gifts to the Katie Toth Memorial Education Fund will be used to provide "seed money" for new professional education initiatives at APSAC ­­ i.e., one day regional institutes, the forensic interviewing clinic, and other ideas endorsed by APSAC's Professional Education Committee and Executive Committee. Neither direct donations nor interest on the fund will be used for general operating   expenses; thorough records will be maintained on all donations and expenditures. 

Contributions should be made payable to "APSAC / The Katie Toth Memorial Education Fund." Donations are tax-deductible, and will be acknowledged with a note from the organization as well as in the APSAC Advisor. Patti and her family will be advised of donations on a regular basis.

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